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I am Colombian, and I have read these controversial books. These are my comments.

In each page of the 12 books we can read that we must love each other, and thousands of arguments are presented in order to understand that we should love each other, instead of attacking each other.

What is new here is that Jesus gives us a recipe, a formula, some sort of magic phrase to send love to all people, even when they are far away.

It works this way, bring to mind the image of the person you love the most and, without a word, only with your inner voice, but with much tenderness, say "I love you" and love comes out as a powerful bolt and is embedded in the heart of the other person. Then do it again with your parents, siblings, friends, enemies and send love to all of them.

This is called the Love Chain and it works much better at a certain time of the day.

I practice it and it works great. A person told me that they had dreamed about me giving them a rose, others feel a vibration, others feel love while dreaming, others that are shyer just give me a call or change their behavior toward me.

I think this approach to loving could be scientifically tested because it is very real, very obvious.

If you send a "kilogram" of love, you get a kilogram of love, if you send a "ton" of love, you get a ton.

How much love you want to receive?

The return is inevitable; it is a law of nature.

When I learned about the art of sending love I realized I had never loved.

The twelve books are full of revelations and this is where some people see their beliefs attacked. Others, instead, do strongly agree with them, let’s take look at some of them:

• In these books Jesus says that human beings are always generating positive or negative energy.

When we send love with the phrase "I love you," we are generating positive energy, and when we do wrong to others, we generate negative energy.

Unfortunately, in the world, more negative than positive energy is produced.

The negative charge we generate is accumulated as water in the clouds, and comes back against human beings as diseases, accidents, earthquakes and so on.

God is not punishing men. We are the ones punishing ourselves.

• All human beings are bound together by invisible and unbreakable ties, as the cells in a body, what happens to one affect the rest.

This is how I explain it: What happens to a person in Japan affects us Colombians who live across the world and vice versa.

Cancer in certain part of the body affects the whole body.

Let's illustrate it with a story form:

A group of climbers are climbing through the snow, they are tied to each other with a strong rope, if the leading climber falls into a crevasse, the others will pull him out and save him. Later, if several climbers fall into another deep crack, they will drag those who are outside, everyone will fall and die.

In brief, the revelation states that all human beings have the same destination, we all are saved or we all die.

This revelation is simple and understandable for most people, but it collides head-on into all the world religions that teach that good people go to heaven and wicked people go to hell. Jesus says that God hopes for the entire human family to be united. And not only those who think themselves to be good and holy.

In the 12 books Jesus speaks straight to the religions and their leaders.
"Religions have harmed humanity more than violence, because it damages the fate of mankind.''

''I have representatives and followers everywhere who say it out loud, but nowhere has anyone raised his voice to say he is imitating me.''

"For the last 2000 years, Religious tyrants never gave mankind the food it needed, "The Law of Love," Instead they gave us many rites and liturgy making us more superstitious than before.''

"They have handled the human conscience since beyond what we can remember."

They have acquired the ability to make others believe that they are living on a higher plane than the rest of humanity, and that is why they become admired and revered.
"I know thy works, and you say you are alive, but you are dead"

Let's see other revelations:
• Man and woman together are one God.

In Genesis we read that ''God created man in His image and likeness, male and female He created them.'' But the machismo of religions interpreted that man alone, without the woman, can be like God. That the woman is a spiritual hindrance.

Jesus says: The spiritual plane is like the physical one, the man is like the sperm and the woman is like the ovule, if they don't join each other, there is no spiritual life, both die, they become waste.

Jesus continues saying: "The lack of love between man and woman created the death."

• In the book "The Creation", Jesus reveals that the first couple was a God who lived in the Kingdom. But one day, the man, using his free will, decided not to love the woman, and since love cannot live with indifference, they exploded and dwarfed.

God formed the universe, with the waste of this huge explosion. (This fits well with the scientific Big Bang theory)

There are many revelations found in these books. Jesus tells us among other things, where the dead are, and the interpretation of the mysteries of Revelations and more.

It reveals that the end of the world has begun. But the end of the world is not a disaster as it has been always taught. The end of the world is the final destruction of evil, hatred and indifference.

These books taught by Jesus are the most beautiful thing I've read, they are full of wisdom.

If Jesus was not the author of these messages, then they would have to give Mercedes Miranda the Nobel Peace Prize 100 times.

In these books Jesus does not speaks in parables, but he uses a very clear and simple language. I would title it: Spiritual Revelations for Dummies.

As these books are spreading around every country, they find for sure a strong resistance from people and groups who do not want love to prevail in the world. Because they are so powerful groups which, for centuries, have dominated the consciousness of human beings.

But humankind is tired of so much pain, so much crying, so many deaths, so much abuse, so much violence, so much aggression, so many lies.

I wonder, if we don't believe in love, then what should we believe in?

For me, love is the best, is the reason of my life.

I have read many books on love but none like these.

Somewhere in those books Jesus wrote:

"If you want, do not believe in me, but believe in love.

If they ask me: Pedro, what is your religion? My proud answer is:

My religion is love.

Pedro Nel Calderon (Colombian)

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